GaBi Training with PE International

We were stunned to learn how many different processes and materials it takes to produce a seemingly simple basketball.

We were recently trained to conduct a Life Cycle Assessment using GaBi software in Dr. Robert Sroufe’s course.  This software models all the elements of a product or system from cradle to cradle.  It gives businesses the information they need to make the most informed decisions on the manufacturing and life cycle of a product. GaBi is the premier LCA software and is used by hundreds of companies all over the world including Bayer, Bombardier Transportation, DuPont and Toyota.

We worked directly with a facilitator from PE International via web-conferencing. Students were able to model all the products and services that went into producing the final product. The software also allowed us to view the environmental impact of the product has on the environment. We are one of the only MBA programs that gives students an opportunity to work with such cutting edge software for Life Cycle Assessments.

Teams will be completing a Life Cycle Assessment using the GaBi software for two products for Dr. Sroufe’s course. Each team gets to chose a product and conduct the LCA. My team chose to look at aluminum and glass beer bottles. Other teams will be comparing include glass and aluminum beer bottles, plastic and wire hangers, and saran wrap and aluminum foil.

We will share our results when the analyses are complete.  ​


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