Power of 32 Conference

On December 11, 2014 more than 400 people gathered at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center for the Energy for the Power of 32 Conference. We presented our posters to attendees ranging in topics from city resiliency to impact investing to green roofing. It was exciting to be able to talk with others about a topic we are passionate about outside of the classroom.


Meredith, Arielle, Clare, Patrick, Derek and Taylor challenge attendees to create fuel from waste.


Katie, Ronna, Alyssa and Vani applaud Pittsburgh’s initiatives as a most resilient city.


Liis, Dave, Katherine and Caitlin demonstrate how green roofs solve water, drain off and energy challenges


Brandon, Colin, Kristy, Anastasia and Jamie present the possible social benefits of impact investing.


Elise, Jacob, Meng, Molly and Dan encourage investment in clean energy.


Gina, Sarah, Kamryn, Phil and Nayan explain how microgrids would solve wasted energy challenges.





The keynote speaker in the morning was very informative. He discussed how we need to focus on health as a reason to improve our energy. He used Pittsburgh as an example of how cleaning up your city can improve the quality of life for citizens and help business at the same time.


Kamryn and Sarah discuss their poster with an attendee.


Katie and Ronna listen as an attendee discusses their poster.


The highlight of the conference was the chance to work in small groups to discuss regional energy values and principles, key issues and opportunities to be addressed in a regional plan, and how to best conduct the Power of 32 regional energy planning process. After the discussions, ideas were shared with the larger group. It was interesting to see the wide range of ideas that came out of the conference and what our regions future may look like.


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