Spring Consulting Project

We are excited to announce our Spring Project Clients! This semester we will be working with the following organizations on a variety of process improvement challenges.

  • Circadiance: Quantify emerging trends for the adult CPAP mask market and forecast commercial potential for line extensions
  • Class-G: Analyze tools and processes for improving health, productivity and environmental impact of commercial properties and recommend refinements to the Class-G platform
  • UPMC: Evaluate external performance tools and measures and recommend best practices for leveraging sustainability in an integrated healthcare organization
  • US Steel: Identify industry benchmarks and prepare a best-in-class assessment for the new sustainability director
  • Washington Energy Services: Evaluate opportunities for leveraging sustainability and renewable energy with commercial and industrial customers

All six organizations gave us complex and challenges projects. This opportunity is exciting as well as a little daunting.

Check back for updates about how the projects are going throughout the semester!


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