EU climate change expert speaks to MBA students at Duquesne

On the heels Pittsburgh’s selection to the 100 Resilient Cities, Pittsburgh hosted a planning meeting for the initiative.  One of the speakers,  Piero Pelizzaro from Italy, was a former colleague of Patrick Cellie’s,IMAG1043 a current student who worked as an environmental engineer in  Rome before coming to Duquesne for his MBA, and invited Pietro to spend an evening with our cohort, alumni and faculty.  Piero is a climate change adaptation policy specialist with Acclimatise, a specialist consulting, communications and digital application company for climate change adaptation and risk management. Piero currently oversees the International Cooperation Unit for the Kyoto Club in Rome, Italy, and serves as a member of the Working Group of Local Authorities for Kyoto.  He has worked with the Stockholm Environment Institute and is recognized as an international expert on climate change adaptation policy, especially with regards to energy scenario and climate change impact models.  His current work includes several high profile projects supported by the European Commission including: as a senior expert on the resilience plan for Bologna (BlueAP), as Technical Director of the Recovered Waste Cooking Oil for Combined Heat and Power Production (RECOIL) project, and with community energy project ZeroCO2. He also writes on climate change adaptation issues and has been published in numerous magazines and online sources.


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