Game On! This is How our Generation will Create Positive Impact

“Be the change you want to see in the world” is a quote from Ghandi, and represents the essence of the 2015 Net Impact conference in Seattle. The Net Impact chapter officers of Duquesne were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend this national meeting of the minds. This conference brought together multiple universities, businesses, and NGOs to discuss how the millennial generation has the capability to generate a positive change in the world today.

This conference was teeming with dozens of speakers and presentations that all had a focus on innovation and sustainable business practices. One of the most inspiring guest speakers included the CEO of REI, Jerry Stritzke, who spoke as one of the keynote speakers about REI’s mission to get their consumers to “Opt Outside.” He also mentioned the stance they are taking on one of the busiest retail business days of the year. REI did not open on Black Friday this year, and gave their employees the day to spend quality time with their loved ones. What a game changer!

The Net Impact officers held an information session for fellow students and faculty after they returned from the conference. One takeaway was actually not from the conference itself, but from the city of Seattle. Seattle has a citywide ordinance that requires comprehensive recycling and composting. Our Net Impact chapter was amazed by the support and efficiency that the city has developed to implement this program. This concept fit in perfectly with our Fall Consulting project of turning Waste to Energy. A few of our own students are now looking into the feasibility of implementing such a program here in Pittsburgh. Keep checking in on our blog to see their progress!


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