Six Thinking Hats & The Hedgehog Concept

In the first topic seminar of this semester, two of the sMBA students, tackled two intriguing issues. The first of which, the Six Thinking Hats concept, introduced the idea of creating a balanced group by infusing different personality types to ensure every angle of an idea is covered. Our discussion led us down multiple scenarios and displayed how each type of hat would comprehend each situation. The presentation devised different pathways of thinking about a problem than we normally would have comprehended.


The next topic we covered was the hedgehog concept. This stemmed from an ancient Greek parable about a fox who was trying to attack a hedgehog, but never succeeded. The hedgehog only did one thing great; defend himself. The idea was based on having a business do one thing, but do that one thing greatly. By combining what your passionate about, what you do best in the world, and what drives your economic engine you can create your hedgehog concept.

We are all striving to be able to think agilely and discover our great callings. I believe these two concepts are the first of many discussion that will only aid in our endeavor to make the change we want to see in the world.


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