Student Spotlight: Kyle Gryta

kyle-bikeBefore Duquesne:  Kyle joined the cohort after spending time living in Rome, Italy where he had the opportunity to work for Duquesne’s Italian Campus study abroad program.  Before his relocation to Italy, Kyle was a Drug and Alcohol therapist at UPMC Western Psychiatric hospital.  For his undergraduate degree he attended Duquesne University and received his bachelor’s in psychology.

Why Duquesne: “As an ardent environmentalist and also as someone who always has been interested in business, an MBA in Sustainability seemed like a great idea!”  The one-year length of the program was also appealing.  The fact that most of Kyle’s family lived in Pittsburgh was another incentive for him to stay in the area and go to graduate school.

Beyond Duquesne: Currently, Kyle has a variety of different interests for the short-term.  “Reorganizing my social life” for one, he laughs.  “But I’m excited to begin a career in sustainability.   I’m also looking forward to having more free time so I can get back into the guitar and do some more traveling.  In the long-run though I suppose I’m also looking to start my own business.” Whatever Kyle plans to do after Duquesne it’s going to involve biking to where he needs to go: “I think one of the coolest things would be to have a life where I get to bike to work.”


Student Spotlight: Jana DiSanti


Before Duquesne:  Prior to joining this program, Jana’s work experience includes, crewleader with the non-profit organization the Student Conservation Association, Chicago chapter; Sierra Club community outreach representative; actor, photographer, and assistant retail manager at the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge, Denali National Park Alaska; brand representative and product spokesperson for Penn Breweries.  Jana has lived in a variety of places, including: Chicago, Illinois; Denali National Park, Alaska; London, England; Washington, Pennsylvania; Hershey Pennsylvania; and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  She studied psychology and theatre at Washington & Jefferson College.

Why Duquesne: “I believe that the emphasis the MBA Sustainability program places upon assembling a diverse cohort of individuals offers ideal conditions for developing new and innovative ways to tackle the incredibly complex challenges facing today’s advocates for the development of sustainable practices.   The program’s assertion that no true profit can be had at the expense of environmental or social justice opened my eyes to the potential powers of business to effect positive change in the world and, ultimately, led me to enthusiastically pursue a degree I had never previously considered.  I truly believe that this year’s MBA Sustainability cohort is something special and that we will make some amazing discoveries together!”

After Duquesne: She plans to relocate to the Pacific Northwest to manage marketing and PR for an organization focused on generating a successful triple bottom line, preferably in the sector of sustainable agriculture and food production.  I hope to dedicate my career to developing new, interrelated paradigms for human and environmental health.

Student Spotlight: Angela Petitto

ImageBefore Duquesne: Angela studied biology environmental science at John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio.  For the past two years she has worked as an environmental scientist for a local civil engineering company.

Why Duquesne:Given my environmental science background, I have an invested interest in the field of sustainability. I feel that sustainability coupled with an MBA is a powerful combination and will help me to be successful in the future. I also like the projects with local companies that will give me valuable experience while I am still in school.”

Beyond Duquesne:  After finishing up the program, Angela aspires to manage sustainability practices for a company in Pittsburgh.