Day 3: Cross Cultural Communication

“Knowing cultural differences is vital to any successful international business relationship,” stated Bertrand Agostini, professor at ICN, who led us through a workshop on cross cultural communication on our third day in Nancy. This workshop included a great background on the differences in the government, culture, and history of the United States and France. With over 66 million people, and the world’s sixth largest economy, France is a major player in Europe, and particularly the European Union.  This class helped us to comprehend how the French see situations, and why they think and act in certain ways. Bertrand highlighted the importance of knowing a people’s culture to fully understand how to approach a business relationship with them. Heading into the future, each one of us will be prepared to facilitate a business relationship with most French companies and enhance the opportunities for economic gain, environmental protection, and social enhancements on a global level.


From France to Frankfurt…

2016 will see the MBA Sustainability cohort travel throughout Europe!

We will be arriving in Paris, and then off to ICN Business School in Nancy, France. After Nancy, we will head to Strasbourg, France, which is home to the European Parliament. Next, historic Heidelberg, Germany. Last but not least the 2015 Arcadis Most Sustainable City in the world, Frankfurt, Germany.
The cohort is ecstatic for the opportunity to discover different cultures and collaborate with students and businesses from
across Europe. Soon we will have more details on all the special business visits and cultural expeditions our cohort
will have the ability to take part in while in Europe.

Angela’s First Trip to Europe!

A short week ago, my cohort friends and I departed for a trip across the pond to Deutschland! Not only was I excited for a week away, but also my first trip to Europe! With limited German knowledge, I was pleasantly surprised at the number of English speaking people. I was also in awe of all the rich history. We had the opportunity to chat with some locals our age, and discussed how the historical sites in Europe date back much farther than those in the US. Transportation also stood out to me as a difference between Europe and America. The bike lanes that lined every street, the train stations peppered throughout the city, and the overall easy access to public transportation was admirable. I had a very enjoyable and eye-opening trip, and the travel bug has bit me! I can’t wait to explore the rest of Europe now!