Student Spotlight: Alison Etheridge

320170_577731879054_772111902_nBefore Duquesne:  Alison attended Agnes Scott College in Decather, Georgia where she majored in International Relations and Biology.  After graduation she worked as a sustainability consultant to the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners.  She helped organize events that educated local citizens, as well as county executives, on topics such as energy efficiency, organic gardening and water conservation.

In Fall 2010, she left her position with DeKalb County and began a 27-month adventure as a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) in Nicaragua. Her primary role was as a science teacher in local elementary schools, where she worked with students and the community to build organic gardens, compost piles, and tree nurseries and to make science fun. In her second year of service, she received a grant to build improved stoves since most people in Nicaragua still cook with wood fires. Improved stoves used less wood and emitted less harmful smoke into households and the environment She also worked with my community to collect over 300 pounds of trash and build a classroom out of eco-bricks (used 2 liter bottles, stuffed with inorganic trash).

Before coming to Duquesne, Alison traveled to Kampala, Uganda to continue her work with improved stoves and to help oversee the start-up of an improved stove business.

Why Duquesne: “I was immediately impressed with the breadth of the courses and the program’s commitment to environmental and social aspects of sustainability.  I loved the consulting projects built into coursework, the emphasis of a global prospective through international travel, and that it all fit into one year!  When I called Duquesne to ask more questions about the program, I talked directly with our program director. She took time to answer all my questions and enthusiastically tell me about the program. When I called back weeks later, she still remembered me. This was not the experience I had when I contacted other programs. Duquesne made me feel wanted and valued. I continue to be impressed with the individual attention that faculty provide”.

Beyond Duquesne: Alison wants to continue working on sustainable development in an international setting. She is especially interested in Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) or USAID opportunities.



Dr. Sroufe Aspen Faculty Pioneer Awards Finalist

Our professor, Dr. Robert Sroufe, was recognized in New York City as a 2013 Aspen Faculty Pioneer Award finalist!  Other finalists include, David A. Besanko, Alvin J. Huss Distinguished Professor of Management and Strategy, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University; and Christopher Marquis, Associate Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School, Harvard University.

The Faculty Pioneers winners were Mauro F. Guillén, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business who studies management practices in various countries; and Nicola M. Pless, professor at ESADE Business School, Ramon Llull University in Barcelona who researches “Responsible Leadership.”

It is inspiring to see Dr. Sroufe recognized with leaders from top business schools in the world.  We have the honor to work with Dr. Sroufe each week in our Sustainability Theories and Models for Innovation course in the MBA Sustainability program, and we our whole cohort is honored to work with him.

One classmate Angela put it perfectly when we were discussing Dr. Sroufe’s recognition, she said” I am not surprised that Dr.Sroufe was selected among so many great applicants. He is a very motivated man and his passion for sustainability is very inspiring to me as a student. He has opened so many doors for me on the possibilities of sustainable practices, and is enthusiastic about their importance. He has been a true inspiration and is a great role model for what we need in order to achieve a sustainable future.”

In New York, Dr. Sroufe was not only recognized as a finalist, but he also spoke at the two-day program hosted by the Aspen Institute.  He introduced the sustainability curriculum involved with our program; focusing on the Sustainable Theories and Models for Innovation class that has inspired Angela and the rest of our cohort this semester.

For more on Dr. Sroufe and the Faculty Pioneer Award recipients: