Student Spotlight: Karli Minick

ImageBefore Duquesne: Karli joins our cohort after completing her undergraduate work in three years at the University of Pittsburgh.  Karli was able to major in both finance and supply chain management in three years, while also cheerleading.  Karli completed a leadership internship at Target Corporation, a supply chain internship at Westinghouse Electric Company/Toshiba, and a finance internship at Prime Metals & Alloys, Inc.

Why Duquesne: “I chose this program because it will allow me to complete my MBA in one year, and it complements my supply chain management degree.”

After Duquesne: After completing this MBA program Karli will be looking for positions in sustainable supply chain management.


Visit to Westinghouse

Guest Blogger: Angela Petitto


Every semester, Duquesne University Supply Chain Management majors experience the supply chain in action through the Course Enrichment Program.  Last week, Dr. Drake, our operations professor, invited MBA Sustainability students to participate in the visit to the Westinghouse international headquarters in nearby Cranberry, Pa., for an inside look at their supply chain processes.

The visit was led by two Duquesne graduates who work for Westinghouse. The morning began with an explanation regarding how supply chain applies to the nuclear power industry. This was particularly interesting, as the products are customized, which differs from industries normally associated with the value chain.

We also toured the facility – including the receiving area, storage technologies, and quality control department – and learned a bit about nuclear engineering and power plants.

The visit ended with a panel discussion featuring several supply chain managers who offered career advice and stressed the importance of continuous improvement.

It was a great opportunity to see real world application of concepts learned in the Dr. Drake’s class!

Student Spotlight: Steven (Steve) Major

ImageBefore Duquesne: Steve joins our cohort from Bloomfield, New Jersey.  For the past three years, Steve was a field technician for an environmental laboratory.  His responsibilities consisted mostly of sampling, collecting and testing water samples.  Steve was promoted to assistant manager of his office where he was exposed to the  management aspects in a scientific field.  Steve attended Ramapo-College of New Jersey where he focused on environmental studies.

Why Duquesne: “I chose this program in that incorporated all three aspects of the triple bottom line.  My Alma mater had a sustainability program, but I chose Duquesne’s program due to its world-class faculty and international ranking.  The accelerated format was a factor in that I can focus on my education without the distraction of having a full-time job and quickly reenter the workforce when the program ends.”

Beyond Duquesne: After this program Steve plans to find a position that involves sustainability that influences businesses to be more sustainable and more proactive in regards to the environment than just pollution control.