Only a few weeks left…

It has been months since we took this picture at My Two Cents day, but it feels like it was just yesterday. It is sad to say that our time in the MBA Sustainability program is almost over. However, there are still multiple things we have to look forward to! Currently, the final presentations in the Leading Change Practicum course are underway. The teams and their clients have reported great success all around, from helping to establish go-to-market strategies to aiding in the development of a community-based software program to help our citizens. Our cohort has displayed great perseverance and ability to add value, and I am honored to have had the privilege of getting to learn and grow with these amazing people. With the last few weeks underway, we all continue to work hard and look forward to what the future has in store for each one of us.


“Tailoring Messages to Fit the Audience”

Last week Professor Diane Ramos spoke to during our Sustainable Theories and Models class on selecting the best communications style for your audience.  Her presentation is valuable to our cohort as our project course begins where we will be consulting for PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Her interactive presentation was based on Carl Jung’s work, which allows us to group people into four basic communication styles: intuitor, thinker, feeler, and sensor.  The intuitor is a creative, visionary person.  The thinker is the logical, systematic person.  The feeler is a sensitive, people oriented person.  The sensor is pragmatic and action person.

 The majority of people (44%) are sensory, or action orientated, it is important to begin with results to catch their attention.  Even though we know sensor covers the majority of people, Diane focused on the importance of tailoring communication to all four types of audience members.